Areas of Expertise

We work in a number of disciplines including but not limited to these below.

Market and Research
Travel and Hospitality
Health Care and Medical
Religion (Chistianity)
Business and Commerce
Information Technology & Telecommunications
Finance and Banking
How it Works

These are the Key things in our Quality Control process to ensure we
have the highest quality delivery

Understanding Customer Needs

We make sure we understand client's requirements on the tasks they request our service. We then review the client's materials and provide them with any consultations if needed. This helps us determine any issues which will compromise the quality of the final product.

The task will be assigned to a skilled translator with relevant experience and specialty in the particular task, and then the translation will be edited and proofread by a skilled proofreader to ensure that the delivery is free from any errors.

It is vital to employ accurate terminology in translation, as this has great contribution on the quality of the final product. This is why after we accept a project we check with the client to determine if they have Glossary or any other reference materials, in case they don't have any, we may need to develop one. These terminologies are applied to all projects for that client to ensure consistency and value

Our dedicated PMs will maintain active communication with the client and asking for any feedback wich will then help us improve on any areas which may compromise on quality of our deliveries.

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About Us

Ashea Translations is a language services agency that enables global communications to businesses and organizations by breaking down the barrier of communication and help them communicate in different languages.

We believe that the only way for a business to grow internationally is to break down the barrier of communication. We help you do this by providing multilingual solutions tailored to your business needs.

We are working with native expert linguists to deliver culturally rich experiences for your brand's success